What to look for in property conveyancing specialists

Picture the scene. You’ve found your ideal home, you’re already emotionally invested in your future property and you’ve planned what colour you’re going to paint the walls. On the other hand, you might be a seller who simply wants to downsize, start a new chapter or release some much-needed equity from your property. Either way, if you’re already committing to moving, the last thing you’ll want is to be held up by unnecessary delay due to unforeseen complications or seemly finicky questions. So, what should you look for when choosing property conveyancing specialists?

Property conveyancing solicitors

A network of contacts and years of experience

Why? Property conveyancing specialists with years of experience will have a rich network of contacts – meaning that they are likely to have worked with estate agents and other solicitors in your area and beyond. When legal and property professionals are unfamiliar with each other, this can lead to wasted time because of poor communication and questions that arise from not knowing the area or properties within an area. 

When all you want to do is to move on, this can be a source of real frustration. 

Ease of communication 

If you only ever get through to voicemail or you constantly feel as though you’re being a nuisance for asking a question, how comfortable would you be in going through the fine detail of a transaction? Feeling like you’re up against the clock or you’re unsure about a particular legal point is not a nice position to be in.  

Choose a friendly property conveyancing specialist who is happy to talk and answer any queries you may have – no matter how seemingly small.  

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An eye for detail

Submitting the right documentation in a timely fashion is crucial to ensuring your house move can progress as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If an incorrect item is sent or there is a clerical error with regards to the address or recipient information, what happens then? Well, unfortunately, the whole process has to start again.  

Far better to use a conveyancer with an eye for detail who is able to quickly identify anything that might be missing right from the outset. Further down the line, when you may be asked to provide documentation relating to all manner of property-related questions, the last thing you want is for a delay because of missing paperwork that should have been spotted sooner.   

At Anthony Stockton Solicitors, we offer all our clients:  

  • Free quotations 
  • No hidden fees 
  • Case tracking for all levels of conveyancing  
  • Dedicated solicitors for a personal service 
  • No need to travel – we can handle your case no matter where you’re based 

When appointing Anthony Stockton Solicitors to handle your conveyancing you will be assigned a dedicated solicitor who will deal with your transaction from start to finish. 

Talk to a property conveyancing team today

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