What are Transfer Deeds and when do I need them?

Buying a home can be a stressful time for many but if you’re aware of documents such as transfer deeds and processes such as land searches then you’ll be well prepared with what to expect.

It’s important to feel comfortable about what purchasing a property entails and what you (as the buyer), and the seller need to provide.

A good understanding will help the process to run smoother and more quickly – let’s face it, buying a property is also an exciting time, one of many plans and opportunities.

So what exactly are transfer deeds?

A transfer deed is a required document for when a residential property is sold to a new owner. Necessary in England and Wales, transfer deeds are part of the conveyancing process that permits the transfer of an existent property from the seller to the buyer.

Transfer deeds are dated with the completion date of the property sale and upon its close, will be sent to the Land Registry.

Where leasehold titles are in place, the transfer deed document used to be referred to as a ‘conveyance’ or ‘assignment’. Today, it’s more commonly known as a straightforward ‘transfer’.

What else is included with transfer deeds?

There are a few additional documents that accompany a transfer deed during the conveyancing progression. These include the terms of transfer contract (which both parties will need to sign) and the findings of a local land search.

The local land search will identify potential risks you may need to be aware of such as past mining sites or future development plans submitted near the property in question. The search will also review flood risks and other environmental factors such as landslides.

Fees will apply to some of the searches and legal documents so be sure to check your obligations prior to any investigations taking place. The checks are important, but if nothing else, they offer peace of mind.

Remember not to confuse transfer deeds with title deeds

Title deeds are a legal document that proves who owns a property and encompass all details of matters that affect the property, namely boundaries, restrictions on use and rights of way.

In most circumstances, the ownership of the property will be recorded with the Land Registry and the title deeds will be in the form of an official certificate held at the Land Registry of which copies will be issued to new owners.

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