Weighing up a new build vs an existing house

They say there’s not enough new homes being built in the UK, but that doesn’t stop plenty of new estates popping up in communities across the land. For some this offers a temptation – to be the brand new occupiers of a brand new house would be quite something. It’s the ultimate new start.

But wait a moment, if you were purchasing anything brand new, you’d step back and weigh up the pros and cons, and a new build home is no different. New build it might be, but there are plenty of horror stories out there to remind us that fresh bricks and mortar can hide age old problems.

The good news about new builds

The best news of all is that a new home comes with a guarantee of up to ten years covering structural defects. If your roof falls off, the developer will stick another one on free of charge.

Also, new homes must follow the latest rules and regulations regards energy efficiency. No draughty old windows and walls means lower energy bills. The government, meanwhile, often offers initiatives encouraging and helping the purchase of new builds.

Not only that, but the dreaded chain is non-existent and if you get in on the development early enough – they call it buying off-plan – there is a chance to have your say on what fixtures and fittings will be included. Essentially you are part of the design process.

The bad news about new builds

Ever driven past a building site and wondered if that’s people you can see living amongst the chaos? That could be you! Your moving in date may come well before the rest of the site is completed. Worse, if there’s a hold-up in construction, your mortgage could become invalid.

Also, buying out of a catalogue isn’t always the best idea. We’ve all got clothes in the wardrobe that bear remarkably little resemblance to those advertised. The same can go for new properties. Will the pictures really resemble the reality when you walk through the door?

One thing’s for sure. Modern homes don’t tend to be as roomy as their predecessors. Will your settee fit in the living-room?


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