Londoners take advantage of the Birmingham boom

In the not so distant past, Birmingham was seen as a city in big need of a makeover. Ugly architecture, incessant ring roads and crumbling shopping centres were the impression that outsiders had of Birmingham and this generally kept people away. However, things have changed dramatically in the last few years and the renaissance of Birmingham has attracted a significant surge of people leaving the capital to set up home in the city.

So why has this happened?

Well, it just goes to show what a bit of investment and forward thinking can do. Birmingham has seen massive developments to its infrastructure and architecture over the last few years and the emergence of new businesses, hi-tech industries, independent shops and trendy city-living has proven a big draw for people. And of course, it’s significantly cheaper to live in Birmingham than it is in London!

According to figures from the Office of National Statistics, nearly 60,000 people aged 30 plus have left the capital in the last 12 months and their favourite destination for relocating is Birmingham. With a lower cost of living, more affordable property, good public transport and the proximity of services, younger people are leaving the capital in search of a better quality of life where they can bring up a family and enjoy a better work/life balance.

New Landmarks

Global companies such as Deutsche Bank and HSBC are creating a big presence in Birmingham and the redevelopment of New Street Station and Paradise Circus is changing the face of the city, removing the 1970s dated look that tarnished Birmingham and replacing them with hi-tech buildings that are already fast becoming new landmarks.

With HS2 on the horizon, Birmingham is becoming a magnet that is drawing people from the capital and that can only be a good thing for the city.


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