I want to sell my house but can’t find the deeds, what should I do?

After months of deliberation you finally decide it is time to sell your house – then the panic sets in about where all the documents relating to your home have gone.

Moving house, as it is well documented, can be a very stressful time and with some people moving after living in the same house for decades paperwork can be a real worry.

The passage of time makes it tricky to recall exactly what paperwork is kept where. One particular document that gives home owners cause for concern is the deeds.

With very good reason many sellers are plunged into despair trying to think where their house deeds are kept, frantically searching through piles of paper.

Rather than endlessly worry this is the time to consult a conveyancing solicitor.

What are house deeds?

Officially known as title deeds these are essential as they document who owns the property. Title deeds also contain information about covenants and rights of way.

As well as setting out who owns the property, title deeds will contain information about any mortgages that exist on the property.

Thankfully title deeds are generally kept in a safe place well away from the household papers that so easily become disturbed and lost.

Usually they are kept by the lender, although the Land Registry now keeps a digital database of title deeds to enable quicker access.

Don’t despair at paperwork

It goes without saying that being able to provide a document that proves who owns the house is absolutely vital to any sales process. This is just one of many documents that will be involved in the buying and selling process when moving home.

Conveyancing solicitors are there to help at times like this. Equipped with years of experience a conveyancing solicitor will take the stress out of managing paperwork related to a house move, allowing you to get on with the business of finding a new home and actually moving.

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