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Conveyancing Solicitors NottinghamConveyancing in Nottingham
Moving house in Nottingham? Looking for a high-quality conveyancer to assist you?

We are here to help.

Anthony Stockton Solicitors, specialists in property law on hand to guide you through your conveyancing transaction.

Our clients use conveyancing in Nottingham to:

  • Buy and sell residential property
  • Buy and sell commercial property
  • Re-mortgage property

What is conveyancing and why do I need a conveyancing solicitor?

Put simply, conveyancing is the legal transfer of property ownership from one party to another.

Since a conveyancing transaction involves both legal and administrative work, most people hire a conveyancing solicitor to carry out tasks, such as drawing up contracts, on their behalf.

Even a fairly simple transaction may involve a great deal of paperwork, which can seem daunting – and prove time consuming!

An experienced conveyancing solicitor will take on the legal and administrative aspects of your transaction – saving you a great deal of time and effort.
Working under your instruction, your solicitor will ensure your transaction goes as smoothly and swiftly as possible.

Since most people favour a quick sale, a conveyancing solicitor could be among your strongest assets when it comes to making or accepting an offer.

A conveyancing solicitor will get to work right away, using his or her skills and expertise to drive your transaction forward. She or he will provide you with practical assistance as well as legal advice, making sure you’re comfortable with the process, know exactly what to expect, and understand what the costs will be.
Why choose Anthony Stockton Solicitors?
Whether you’re selling your house in Nottingham, buying property, or considering re-mortgaging your home, Anthony Stockton Solicitors is on hand to help.
We provide a wide range of high-quality conveyancing services to seasoned sellers and first time buyers alike.

No matter is too big or small.

Our team of experienced conveyancing solicitors will guide you through your transaction swiftly and efficiently, prioritising peace of mind.
As well as legal expertise, Anthony Stockton Solicitors strives to offer excellent value.

Our services are priced competitively and we’ve made it possible for you to check up on the progress of your matter online.

We know just how frustrating mysterious delays can be, which is why we’ve installed the latest technology, enabling you to monitor your transaction from the comfort of your sofa.

Having registered your personal password and user name, you’ll gain access to secure parts of our site designed to keep you informed and empowered.
We’re Law Society accredited
As members of the Law Society Quality Conveyancing scheme, our services have undergone close scrutiny. Having demonstrated that we possess extremely high levels of knowledge, expertise and experience, we’re proud to offer you Law Society accredited assistance and advice.

If you’d like to know more, just get in touch. We’re ready, willing and able to answer any questions you may have about conveyancing and to provide you with a free quote today.

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